About Us

Why we started QRTable.com?

We started QRTable.com right when the covid pandemic started. Social distancing made it very hard for businesses to work and to engage with customers, so we started to see QR codes appear in restaurants, gyms, clothing stores and many more.

Most of the QR Codes I saw on the street were ugly and hard to understand after you scan it. We knew that we could help knowing our background with coding websites so we started right away.

In 30 days we launched version 1 of QRTable.com and it was a blast! We looking forward to keep innovating this awesome world of QR Codes.

Who are we?

QRTable.com has 2 founders, Lucas Maldonado & Franco Maldonado. We have been developing sites and apps since 2017 and after a lot of businesses built we know that businesses approach is soon to be completely changed with this amazing and super fast QR Codes.